Home Visiting

Entering into other people’s homes can change the dynamics of a situation and leave workers vulnerable. We can help you to support staff by offering them practical solutions and techniques to enhance their safety and increase their skillset.

A tailored course explores the necessary skills with your staff that will increase both their confidence and competence.

• Practical tips and strategies for staying safe when out and about
• Dynamic Risk Assessments and doorstep assessments
• Managing the home visit
• Communication skills
• Tracing systems and keeping in touch with others
• Clean exits
• The importance of reporting and supporting

The course includes the use of Dynamic Risk Assessments. This technique allows staff to assess the risk and threat level for themselves. As a supplement to formal risk assessments, this process can help lone workers to communicate with managers in a practical way, sharing any concerns they may have and encouraging them to take more control of their own safety, ultimately creating greater engagement in the whole process of staying safe.

The communication skills element covers verbal skills, body language, emotional intelligence, influencing skills and assertiveness.

“Great fun day, but full of importance. Every course should be like this”Housing Officer Manager - Black Country Housing Group


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